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Awesome Dorm Room Decor

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Nowadays, there are a lot of young people who go to the other city. They go to the other city to continue their study at a university. Usually, those people are living in a room called a dorm room. Commonly a dorm room does not have a large space of the room. But this situation is not an obstacle to having a well-decorated room. For those of you who live in a dorm room, we have some awesome dorm room decor ideas here.

For a girl, dressing table is a must to exist within the room. That is why the third picture can be suitable for those young girls who live in the dorm room. At the rightmost side, there is a wood bed complete with its mattress and white blanket on it. There is also a wood rack next to the bed and topped by a gold-painted night lamp. Meanwhile, the leftmost side there is a dressing table. A mirror with its unique carving also accompanies the dressing table on its top. Behind the mirror, there is also a board which you can use to place your necklaces or bracelets as well. At last, there is a comfy chair in front of the dressing table. Now we are going to talk about the boys who live in such dorm room. The fifth picture might be perfect for you, boy, who live in the dorm room. It applies the whole white furniture. It begins with a white flatbed with two white mounted sideboards above it. At the left side, there is also the mounted sideboard with a reading lamp hanged on it. There are a white square table and white short rack. Both of them are completed with four wheels, which can make you easier to move them. For the last touch, it puts a 3D batman picture on the wall. But you can also change the 3D picture with your own favorite character.

If you want a simpler one, you can refer to the tenth picture. Where all of the furniture such as the wood rack, the wood bed, and the wood table for a study is located at one side only. Its method of placing the furniture like that can also give a relieved space for the rest of the room.

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