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How to Install a Properly, Insert Bathtub

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Bathtub Inserts, enter the bathroom, makes it possible for a short time. This is especially convenient for young children and older children. It is also very convenient for the disabled. Insert tab, generally, easily be used to reduce the number of screws, to be installed there is no need to change the tab.

To see what put in the bathtub

Select the insert bathtub made of gel coat and reinforced with fiberglass material. Without changing anything in the aquarium the menu can be installed by one person until the slip shows a smooth surface. User convenience, usually for three years for the next reasonable confirmation.

Insert the Help tab on the installation

1. First, make sure to include all the parts you need. Watch the bottom of the tub and make sure that the drainage is in a gasket place.

2. Non-abrasive washing detergent, using a full bath with shower assembly unit. After cleaning, make sure everything is dry before you continue the installation process, please make sure. Damage the remaining moisture on the ground because it is likely there, it is important.

3. If you have inserted correctly, please insert. After putting what has been tested, consistent and remove the inserts. The scum is subject to the bathtub and above the collar to block the silicone. Please make sure that at least 1/2 inch bead of silicone around the drain makes the brass.

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