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Beautiful Outdoor Seating Idea with Great Fire Pit

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Having a great exterior home design can complete the greatness of our home. It can make a balance impression and build good nuance for us. However, to make such a great exterior home design is quite hard. I am here to give you a simple idea of making a great exterior home design. We can add fire pit in our outdoor seating idea. Just have a look at my pictures of great exterior home design in below paragraph.

We will start with picture number one. It is a beautiful idea of the outdoor seating unit. It is located on the terrace which completed with the beautiful view of the sea. The seating unit presents with four rattan high back chairs with cozy upholstery. It also equipped with nice cushions. In the middle of the chairs, there is a small table with a fire pit in the center of the table.

Picture number two gives us the incredible design of exterior home idea. There is a great open outdoor bar idea. It has a huge semi-round table bar with marble material. There are many stools with backs are set as the seating unit. This outdoor bar will give you the unforgettable feeling of coziness. Just around the outdoor bar, there are also many cozy chairs and tables as the other seating unit. The great thing is that the outdoor table is equipped with classic fire pit. You can use this exterior idea to be applied in your home.

The simplest exterior seating unit is in this third picture. It just decorates a terrace with wooden floor and wooden fence. Then, we add some modern sofas with stunning red upholstery as the main seating idea. You can add a small round table with a fire pit in the middle of the sofa arrangement to build romantic outdoor nuance.


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