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Beautiful Storage In Bedroom With Modern Bedroom Cabinet

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For sure that many beautiful things are placed in the bedroom. It makes bedroom full of beauty. Therefore, those beautiful things must be balanced with beautiful storage like these modern bedroom cabinets. First modern cabinet adds the beauty in this modern bedroom. This modern cabinet is enveloped in white accent. The medium size of this cabinet looks sweet to be placed in the corner of the bedroom. Facade of this cabinet is bordered with black lines. Those lines connect the theme between the cabinet and the other furniture. In the front side, this cabinet is given with black small squares. Two modern handles are set in this cabinet which enables to open the cabinet on two sides. This modern cabinet looks harmonious with black and white furniture in this bedroom. It is such a good storage in a beautiful bedroom.

Second modern cabinet performs multifunction storage. This cabinet is made from bright wood. It looks nice standing in front of the white wall in L-shape. This cabinet is completed with the long mirror in the middle. More than that, this modern cabinet is embracing the headboard of the bed. It gives the view that the bed is inserted in the cabinet. As a bedroom storage, this cabinet is also completed with many shelves. The shelves could accommodate some accessories. The calm color of this cabinet could uplift the calm accent of bed, chair, and floor. In this bedroom, the modern cabinet takes most space but it still looks tidy and beautiful.

Last modern cabinet is shown by the dark wooden cabinet. The dark wooden accent of this cabinet looks so brave among the black accent of the room. This modern cabinet is designed in small with no handle. Without the handle, this cabinet is provided with the lower-higher position of cabinet’s doors. From this feature, this cabinet shows great performance. As the bedroom storage, modern cabinets come with all functions and beautiful design. You may grab one of them or grab all for your beautiful bedroom cabinet.

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