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Beautify Your Floors With Terrazzo Floors

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When we talk about the terrazzo floors, then we will talk about a technique that is used in order to produce a more durable floor, easy to maintain and has an attractive appearance. This technique will bring us to the use of pieces of marble or stone chips in the manufacturing process, and to know this is a very good choice to bring a different decoration scheme of a room. The use of marble or stone chips will be combined with a cement binder that will make us get a unique floor, both in design generated by the color composition. We will find that this floor is traditionally made on the spot and instead be prepared elsewhere and then do the installation in a different place.

The process will lead us to remove the floor in the room or prepare to receive a layer of concrete that will form the basis for the terrazzo floors. After smoothing the wet cement in place, then the surface will be planted with colorful stones and marble chips where we can put it in accordance with a particular design or pattern or place it freely. The beauty of the floor will be more visible when we put more pieces of marble or stone on the surface of the wet cement. After all the chips are in place, then we can smooth back the surface using a trowel or other tool. Make sure the stone and marble chips remained stable in place before the concrete sets. Immediately after the cement dries, then we will bring in the grinding machine, turn on and use the machine to smooth surface polishing and adding elements to the floor.

The last stage will we do to prepare for terrazzo floors are by applying the seal and clean the floor. After the polishing process is complete, then remove all residues from the surface, and apply a thin layer of sealant on the floor. The end result, we will get a colorful floor hold up very well even in areas with high traffic, easily maintained, and will not make us do the replacement in the near future because of dependable. Nowadays, we can get terrazzo floors that come in the form of tiles that can be affixed to the floor in accordance with linoleum tile installation procedures. The installation process will we get when deciding to use this type of tile will be shorter and preparations would not be complicated when compared with the installation of terrazzo as described above.

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