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Black Country House with Wooden Modern Interior

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Goranska architect is located in a hilly area of ​​this house from Croatian Tomislav Soldo, an invitation is a rustic shield home with modern interiors. Its panoramic view overlooking nearby forests and mountainscape is the position of a roof, along with the only critical elements in the design of the project process, along with the area tilted.

With a total area of ​​100 square meters, there is a small shop in the basement of the house, and there is a living room with an open kitchen and bath unit on the ground and sleeping area at the mezzanine level. It has created a spatial open space plan between the inside and the outside, and to a large extent, reflects the nature around each point, whereas a small box of kitchen and bathroom forms like a small amount of nuclei for the inside Feeling on the entire framework. The kitchen is minimal, and in white wood and light colored, and the kitchen islands are covered with cement just like earth, to make it super durable. The favorite place here is a modern fireplace with candles and next to some firewood, it is not like this comfortable place. I have the inside, modern and simple comfortable spaces and invite to create decorations and do not love light right from the wide perspective.

Basement and concrete foundations, from one side and completely home-based aerated concrete, are quite a speed to build in a particular site blocks. Thirty centimeters thick exterior walls, made of the same material, and meet all the requirements for the construction of physics with no additional thermal insulation requirement. In the case of heat and heat loss during winter, in the case of unwanted high temperature, and ventilation interfaces made of Siberian type tree cover, remove these problems. The use of timber in the design of the sheltered roof, integrated scheme design and covering excuse only accepts the field of expertise and has functional elements implemented in the design.

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