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Bright and Lovely Pendant Lights Hung over Kitchen Island

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Island serves as a workspace in the kitchen. The kitchen furniture often has built-in sink and faucet. Some kitchen island designs even come with the stove. If you want to make a kitchen island become more functional, then you also need to hang pendant lights over it. The lights will help the island to appear brighter while allowing you to use it more optimally.

The first picture presents a kitchen with white ceiling and walls. White cabinets also mount on the walls. Fortunately, black countertop and island give an elegant touch to the white kitchen. The black island, however, becomes the centerpiece. It’s set in the middle of the kitchen. The black kitchen island has long rectangular shape; it also comes with built-in sink and faucet. Three interesting pendant lights with white shades are hung over the furniture. The lights make the kitchen island look more beautiful and brighter. Thus, you can use the island not only for working but also for enjoying breakfast. Small round stools even complement it.

If you love an all-white kitchen, then take a look at the second picture. White wall-mount cabinets with glass doors create so captivating appearance in the kitchen. The glass door cabinets even display decorative glasses. White marble island brings great beauty in the kitchen while serving as a functional workspace. Two pendant lights with charming glass globe shades are hung over the white marble kitchen island. They make the kitchen furniture appear even more beautiful. There are also four modern black chairs in the kitchen.

In this third picture, there is a warm kitchen with gray granite island. The gray granite kitchen island looks so impressive in itself although it doesn’t come with any special fixtures. However, the furniture has a wooden base with built-in shelves. Three teardrop pendant lights are nicely hung over the gray granite kitchen island. The lights inevitably give a lovely touch to the kitchen island. Well, have you provided good pendant lights for your own kitchen island?

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