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An interesting look for a snowflake chandelier

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Spring is here! Do you like these fabulous flowers in early spring? Ice is the first one from the top of the ice, they have any other colors, which is why they have become the inspiration for this design of light sources, like the symbol of spring.

The creator of designer and stone crystallization efforts deep, the snow is a beautiful and shiny aluminum pendant. Ice showers in the snow seemed to dissolve from the surrounding area the vibrant candy color would appear as the shadow emerging. For me, the band is due to a familiar sight in March, when the spring bloom bulbs catch carefully sticky, surrounded by snow. Bold colors lift your mood and you feel energetic

Whatever the metaphor, the pieces of ice are an absolute beauty. Look at the modern and modern calm at the same time, not only in the house but in retro, its blazes, each of the fun frames in the colorful, spring, sensitive and in different places. Random rock in your kitchen, or some lights, living room and dining area, and even children’s rooms, will be a very interesting and colorful, to ensure a pleasant atmosphere will create.

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