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California Farmhouse With Outdoor Living Space

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Turnbull Griffin Haesloop in the landscape solar-powered outdoor life and landscape degradation design Framed Northern California Sonoma wine included in the area by the US company’s architect.

Easy access owner of the house to the pond and pool during the summer, stay on the road, if necessary. Providing a beautiful view of the area was also a major factor. Property main building, pool house, independent garage – everything is located in a lower straight volume scenario.

Council concrete, plaster and rice are used to form the outer wall. 2950 square feet (274 square meters) The main building on the street bar offers the size of open air including a series of boxes of different heights characterized as a living room.

Inside, the house is equipped with bedspreads and craft concrete floors. The glass has a strong affinity, sliding the door of the glass to the outside sufficiently. Natural light is soft, clear space in the living and dining area The open space of the story window is wrapped. I like bold playfulness and energetic things, like love for the decoration of living space. Legend and kitchen, and more mid century like modern white and light color tree.

House pool, which is 840 square feet (78 square meters) together with the storage area, dressing room, guest room, games room, The large terrace serves as a shadow of umbrella-shaped sticks, and a comfortable dining area, relaxing.

Technology for deeply reducing inactivity with large strategies used for energy use, many strategies used for overhanging and cooling windows and roofs. These elements enable comfortable living without using domestic air conditioners. Electricity is generated via solar panels. It is delivered via a heat pump that supplies power by the hot water radiant heating system of solar power generation at the base. Pool water is heated by the solar panel.

An adorable home contains an outdoor area, heating a cool and clever solution, the picture looks to inspire!

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