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Cozy Cottage Living Room with Rattan Furniture Ideas

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Some people may prefer village nuance. Yes, it always brings a peaceful and fresh sense. Are you one of those people? Do you want to have those nuances in your living room? In this article, I will tell you some ideas about rattan furniture for cozy cottage living room.

In this design, there is a square rattan coffee table in a cottage living room. You can put three brown glass tabletops on it. It can be put in the middle of three rattan sofa and a square yellow pale ottoman. You can put some white seats on the rattan sofa. Then, you can combine it by putting some white cushions with green palm pictures and some dark sea green cushions on it. Then, this cottage living room becomes comfortably fresh with this incredible rattan furniture idea. The wooden ceiling in natural color, cream beadboard, and yellow pale tiles floor looks matching with it. You also can put two big white spots of red and orange flowers to make it more sweetly natural.

In the other design, here is a cottage living room. It has some big windows, white beadboard, and wooden floor. You can enjoy the amazing sight though it. You can put some rattan chairs around a rectangular wooden coffee table in front of the big window. Then, it looks interestingly rustic and very relaxing. You also can put a small vase of pink flowers on the rectangular wooden coffee table to make it prettier. Behind it, there is a small space. You can put three white sofas and a square wooden coffee table.

What do you think? Yes, they are simple and interesting. You can begin with choose some rattan furniture for your cottage living room. Of course, it will look more enjoyable and awesome. For the next step, you can try to choose one of those ideas. After that, try to use it to decorate your cottage living room. Hope you like it!


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