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Cozy Simple Boy Loft Bed from Wood

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Are you currently being confused in the dividing room to your small and narrow home? Do not worry. Not always narrow is disastrous, actually, there was creativity tucked behind the narrowness that will open you to the door of beauty and ease. One way to save space is to use the cubicle dividers. But the cause of privacy reason and some matter, there are some rooms that can not be combined with any other room such bathroom and bedroom. How do you overcome this?

One way to overcome the problem of the narrow bedroom is having a loft bed. Yes, the bed that designed higher than usual is able to counteract your problem. How come? Bunk bed has the empty space underneath that can be utilized as needed. Some loft bed designs that are often found in the dorm is a simple design which is intended to save space. But in this post, we want to show you some cozy loft bed that fits you apply at home.

Loft bed ideas below have the simple design and not too many knick-knacks. This is perfect for your boy bedroom at home. Some bunk beds here only have one bed which is located above it. The room below is filled with cupboard and desk. While the other design uses underneath as a bedroom with a desk next to it. This design is suitable for you who have two sons with not many different ages. But if you only have 1, this loft bed design ideas is suitable for guests who stayed for rest at your home.

Boy bedroom design is not same with the girl’s, to distinguish the girl room, of course, you have to decorate it according to your child’s age and sex. Like these pictures, if your son was a teenager, decorate the walls with wall hangings and a sports-themed rug is also a good idea. Additionally, the walls paint, bed covers, and bed linen election must also comply. Everything has to be manly. Most of these loft bed use wood as the main material also the brown color which makes it look classy and exclusive. There is also stainless steel loft bed if you don’t like wooden material. The thing you should also consider is the security level of the bed.

After looking at the pictures above, of course, you’ve not confused anymore in thinking bedroom for your beloved son, right? Hopefully, the post about cozy wooden boy loft bed design will inspire you to create a comfortable bedroom and even in your limited space. Good luck.

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