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Decor Your Own Kitchen with These Country Designs

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Nowadays, Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers in the world who especially sings a music genre called country. Evidently, the country is not a name of a music’s genre only. The country has a broader meaning than it. The country can be known as a word which represents a culture from South part of United States. The country can also be applied to your room’s design and one of the room is the kitchen. Here, we would like to talk about how to the decor your own kitchen by applying such fascinating country designs.

You can start by seeing the first picture. It applies a unique style of country design for the kitchen. The country style can be seen from the furniture it has applied. There are two yellow chairs which are flanking the brown countertop with its unique-shaped leg. The kitchen cabinets are not only an ordinary one, but it has some unique shapes too at the right side of it. Above the kitchen cabinets, there is also a wood board which is the role as a hanger to hang the kitchen tools up such as the pan, the spatulas, teapot, and another tool. Going to the second picture. It is simple than the first one. It applies an L-shaped kitchen cabinet and a square table at the center of the kitchen. The center table one can be used to prepare the ingredients and cook it on the stove at once. For the lighting, it has two lamps hanged on the ceiling while directed to the center table as well.

Now we go to the eighth picture. It applies a unique color of a kitchen cabinet, namely blue Tosca. The blue touch cabinet is placed at the right side wall and also the left side wall. At the right side, the blue to scan cabinet is both at the above and the below. Meanwhile, at the left side, the blue touch one is only at the above one, and it is combined with blue-painted cabinet at the below part. At the center of the kitchen, there is a wood dining table with the chairs. for the lighting, it uses a black chandelier right above the dining table. Then, the color combination among the blue touch cabinet, the blue-painted cabinet, the wood dining table, black chandelier, yet the parquet floor, create a fascinating country design of a kitchen.

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