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Enjoying Marvelous Fire In Unbelievable Fire Pits

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Having outdoor activities is enjoyable. Moreover, doing outdoor activities which are accompanied with fire camp. Therefore, setting unbelievable fire pits in outside could give the enjoyable feeling. Building in the park, this fire pit looks like a well. With a big hole, this fire pit could burn long woods. The brick circle arranges the fireplace with nice outlook. Some wooden recliners are arranged around the fire pit. Small cottages are provided near the fire pit. Wooden poles hold the small roofs. This fire pit is heading the cement path of this park. With opened skyline, this space of fire pit is so strategic. Lush plants are growing around this area. Cement floor shows rude texture in this area while soiled land is used to plant some small plants and some flowers.

Privileged area sets unbelievable fire pit. This fire pit is set in the medium hole with medium circle brick. The surface of this fire pit looks smooth and black. It could be used as a table since this fire pit is surrounded with half circle brick chair. This chair is completed with curving upholsterer. Various cushions are put in the brick chair. Brown floor of this area is extended from the brick chair. Gray fence has surrounded this area beautifully. Green grass is also provided to give the green touch to this fire pit area. A small fountain is also set in this area. Natural stones are used to shape the fountain. A pine looks nice growing behind the brick chair.

The square fire pit is designed modernly in this outdoor. The stone barrier of the pit is finished with the smooth surface of stone. This fire pit is completed with the same theme bench. The seating area of this pit is set inside the glass fence. Beside the fire pit, a small pool is provided with the nice sculpture. The brick fountain is perched in the corner of the pool. This fire pit area uses brown tiles flooring. For the conclusion, fire pits are great case to accommodate fire in outdoor to support the enjoyable outdoor activities

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