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Exclusive Bathroom Floor with Contemporary Bathroom Rug

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Somehow, bathroom needs complex details because it accommodates some complex things. The totality of bathroom design promises great bathing activities. So that bathroom floor also needs detail treatment like implementing bathroom rug to the floor. This setting will give exclusive accent to the bathroom floor. Bright bathroom is completed with pebble rug. The pebbles are arranged near the bathtub and the sink. The pebbles rug functioned to connect the window seating to the bathtub. A comfy pillow is provided near the semi close glass window. Natural colors of the pebbles look fresh and natural. The glossy brown sink is completed with two square mirrors. The Pebbles rug gives exclusive accent to the white plain flooring. The mirrors are perched on the white wall. Chic towel bar is set near the sink. The White bath tub is completed with the exclusive table lamp.

Black rubber rug looks contrast for this white bathroom. This bathroom sets big circle rug in the middle of the makeup vanity space. Square black rugs are put near the bath rub. Wide glass windows make this bathroom so bright. White wall and white furniture are chosen to fulfill this white bathroom. The White large closet is set in the middle of the wall. It does not touch the floor at all. Long towel bar is provided above the sink. The sink is designed near the glass window. Small plant with a lot of leaves is put next to the towel bar.

Brown tiles bathroom looks so exclusive with a long red rug. The red rug is arranged like an aisle which connects the entrance to the awesome bath tub. This rug passes through the wooden sink with rectangle mirror. A small wooden shelf is perched near the mirror. A small light is put in the corner of the mirror. This shelf accommodates some bathing stuffs. Great towel bar is set above the bathtub. Random colors barrier is used to block the bathtub in half. Brown tiles touch the floor, wall, and the ceiling of this bathroom. Well, bathroom rugs shape the exclusive way in the bathroom floor.

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