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Fascinating Small Bathroom Designs

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Talking about bathroom means talking about me-time. It is obvious because the bathroom is the most intimate part of a house. That what makes determining designs for your bathroom feels so challenging. It is because determining designs for the bathroom is so personal matter. It is so subjective. That is why it would be better if you design your bathroom yourself. Talking about designing a bathroom, some people are often complaining about their small size of a bathroom. They are confused what kind of design that is best used for them for their small bathroom. Thus, the following are some ideas that may inspire you to design your small bathroom.

The beginning picture shows romantic bathroom decoration with shady lighting. Brown color dominates the entire bathroom. A small medium bath-up is the biggest thing in the bathroom. The bath-up is decorated with a beautiful curtain that will make your bathroom is more intimate. A water closet and a sink are beautifully placed between the two wall lamps. The next picture shows a bit different idea from the first picture. Mirror application is widely applied in this small bathroom. Besides, the use of bright color also dominates the bathroom. It aims to make an impression that the bathroom is larger than as it looks. Besides, the designer also maintains the bathroom as minimalist as it could. It looks in the bathroom that it only consist of a shower room, a sink, and a water closet.

Creativity is over all matters. It is often that many people stop and get stuck to some problems that are actually solvable. What they need to do is just to think out of the box. As you can see on those fascinating small bathroom designs, you can even make your bathroom looks two times larger than the real size only by using the mirror.


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