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Bird House in the Performance of the Movement

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The owner of the house is a young pilot and his family, he slowly near the Incheon International Airport in the development of a new city on the site below the house.

Traditional Expression Aviation and Construction Management IROJE KHM Korea is a symbol of Korea construction, metaphor travel, and dynamic movement. In order to reduce the planning of the trip, the architect is a hot stone shaped to compensate for stability and sit in, which is a traditional Korean building architecture

The spatial elements and landscape, today’s housing program, applies to the main outer space and planted on the roof house, which is why so you turn to the square as you walk from the square to the traditional architecture, this is a garden sloping roof Makes, walks allow for movement of natural scenery courtyard and garden and gazebo rumour. It allowed home to go with nature and landscape formats hill.

He said that to build a small budget so that the cost is to overcome the engineers to achieve as a result of the conceptual design. They create structural material decoration materials, in order to reduce the overall construction cost, and create a simple interior space to expose the solid frame and solid block wall surface.

As for the interior, the future of the house and the unusual media seems to be playback. There are a lot of decorative concrete because it is a very modern and friendly budget. Most of them are whitewashed interiors, you can see only colored details, mostly red, delighted space counted. A strong connection, outside, is a lot of light, because there is no window between the curtains.

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