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Based on the creature of a folk Talent Stabbed Monster Furniture

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Monster Creating Australian designer Trent Janssen series in the form of furnitures like monster my hair and sloppy mythology.

Collaboration between this business Janssen and the studio knocks the regional committee, combines folk biological characteristics such as caterpillar such as thorns, and real animals.

Janssen bodied the body of Botany Bay “Brutality felt” Quotation – British invention invented 9 ft tall my hair My hair explains my hair and walks around this country – thousands of nail glasses Thousands of Soraya. The Shaggy Bowl and the chair nodded his head to clear the disordered appearance made of sheepskin, hundreds of spine and leather hanging.

Flat cover of the legendary mythological creatures, Pankalangu, also copies the side table and wardrobe. And it has cover furniture in style of the copper layer of the fan and walnut veneers, which are carefully bonded to the surface. The monster flashes with the rain and is invisible, hidden in the jungle to see if it is a drop of his body.

Inspired by this characteristic, Trent used copper as a way to catch the light of the furniture. Jansen also creates a chair in animal style with young rats, copper, leather cover peeping table.

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