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Gorgeous Bedroom with Outstanding Zebra Print Bedding

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There are a lot of black and white zebra design is loved by folks. It’s really not astonishing since pattern, as well as the colors, seem so striking. If black and white zebra design are also loved by you, subsequently don’t hesitate to bring it in your bedroom. In this essay, I would like to show several images of the appealing bedroom with zebra print bedding.

Let’s begin with the first picture. It’s a modern bedroom with white walls and black furniture. A black bed frame with headboard becomes the most appealing piece among the other ones. Cool bedding with black and white zebra print complement the bed frame, making it look even more appealing. Black and white zebra wallpaper even attach on the wall behind the bed. You can even place white two zebra rugs in the modern bedroom, they all look so amazing!

You need to know that black and white zebra pattern also looks very fashionable. Therefore, there are so many fashion designers who apply the pattern in their works. From the third picture, you can see a fashionable teenage girl’s bedroom with the pink striped wall. A picture of the fashionable girl with the black dress even hangs on the wall. The bedroom also has a small bed frame with black arch headboard. Marvelous zebra print bedding dresses up the black frame. The bedding comprises duvet and multiple pillows. The duvet comes in black and white colors. Two pillows have the same color with the duvet, while the other ones come in black and pink colors.

Bedding with black and white zebra print can even be suitable for a baby’s crib as you can see from the third picture. It’s a black baby’s crib for adorned with captivating zebra print bedding. The zebra print bedding nicely has a sweet pink accent, so it must be designed especially for a baby girl. Heart musical mobile in black, white and pink colors complete the crib. Meanwhile, white furry rug lies on the floor near the crib.

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