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Old Orchard House with irresistible selection of furniture

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The Old Orchard of stunning family home Cube Blaze Makoid Architecture is made of steel and wood with glass top for the perfect balance of elements.

Has had a modern design and breathtaking look at the pictures of the other, eyes are attractive details that you see. The owners have some great taste in furniture and art, really fills every space in an interesting way. Let’s look in the living room: white walls and warm wood color, but is perfect for glossy touch with the outdoors. There are chairs, a couple of chairs carved, black ball of fire and jump gold-plated cold that serves as a coffee table. the wooden wall acts as a barrier between the living and dining room. Characteristics meal cool light equipment, table with legs and seat upholstered sofa geometry.

The master bedroom is connected to the universe of the best: There is a glass door to the garden can be visited anytime. The bed is one where their chest cold and a sculpture on a pedestal, adds a beautiful touch to the room. The bedroom gets the most views, and only the owner can open the door for a breath of fresh air.

Glazing widely used around the house to create a plan for the opening and connecting inside and outside the home. Landscape architect with a house he could not better job. Pool doubles visually create dynamic surface reflects. Get inspired by cute pics ahead!

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