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How to Organize a Narrow Kitchen Cabinet


welcome, everybody. I Alejandra from Alejandra.TV. During this video, I will show you how to organize all your food storage shelves such as plastic chips and you and your luggage and stuff. Even before we have a tendency to start, if you try to start getting organized, and will be investigated in a series of free my video organization on my website, Alejandra.TV. The link below.

good. So I was in my room right away, and he had to be very slim, deep closet next to the tub very like – it was like a morgue. Like once opened, it’s really deep. There are electrical outlets in a big way and he was like, “What do you do with space? While at the same time, I frustrate me, plastic wrap me, my bags and I’m trying to figure out a way to set in here and I’m excited to show what I’m doing here even open the cabinet, so what do here is to go to Home Depot to get – as I tried to like the building itself structured that there is nothing like this there so what I did. I find this is the fence columns like this in such a fence at the Department of Home Depot.

And got it cut to the length of 12 inches and I just put them here. I stacked them and I’ve kind of put it together so as not to move. And then used for the type of binder clips together. But now, I use it as an organizer for the organization of each of the foil and plastic and stuff. And it’s similar to – I felt like I had a favorite cabinet in the kitchen drawer organizer now apart from like a tea bag. But everything has its own compartment. You just come here, you take something and you put it again. There are no such bottlenecks in the tray. No accumulation, try to get one down. Everything has its own regulator.

And then use binder clips to each other kind of clip, and then just naming them what even freeze bags, Saran wrap foil, paper and Saran wrap up on paper there. Next side of the organizers, and I’m just all luggage freezers. So I’m talking about this in another video. I applied consistently luggage deep freeze as a result of the cost of their own. I just wash them so I put them here. As if they were in the side drawer, and I know it has been used and it is time to implement it. If you still want to here, it is clear they are fresh. But I try to use as recently even if you do not use fresh. After bag, I get very recently even took him upstairs to my seat and I use in the presence of such paper or craft materials.

So yes, so that no matter what I put all my luggage storage of food and goods. If there is a way you manage to make it easy to access, and the like do not get frustrated and leave a comment below and allows us to recognize what you are doing. If this is often the beginning of the video you’re looking for me, and I participated in a lot of tips to get organized or investigation of my website, Alejandra.TV. Thank you for looking and I’ll see you when. Good-bye ..

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