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Ikea started a limited set called Jassa

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Ikea started a limited set called Jassa Jassa. Indonesia and southeast Asian inspired design, the liberal tradition is furniture, textiles, and accessories by Jassa. It makes handmade products made from Jassa all natural materials. Jassa is taking things familiar in terms of hand-woven natural fiber textiles and boutiques, has become something new and exciting.

It is a five creative mind and a common theme, development and exchange and design. Each designer has been developed in his or her own collection of special tickets, but to produce the free enthusiastic spirit of the parts together to create fun. For people who do not want to go all the way and Bohemian people, Jassa offers a lot of choices. Handmade furniture can dirt with a black cloth, cold white, simple combination. Or you can sprinkle some bright color cushions on the sofa Jassa menu. The creators may want to make their own with some of the clothes before cutting. Inspired by the discussion below the picture!

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