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Lacy Curtain Designs for Kitchen Windows

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Your windows in your houses are not just an ornament. It holds some important functions that will define whether your house is comfortable or not. Feeling of comfort is important because a house will fulfill its function if the inhabitants feel comfortable to live in it. A window simply maintains the temperature of a house by running the air circulation. Moreover, if it is for a kitchen. A kitchen needs excellent air circulation to keep the hygiene. Besides, a window is also able to bring the beautiful view from the outside view. Therefore, it might be a great idea to make some decoration to your windows. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to design your window decorations in your kitchen.

The opening picture starts with a semi-circular kitchen window. Talking about the kitchen first, it simply applies minimalist decoration. It is seen from all the utilities that are tidily kept in the cabinets. The large window takes an important function by providing major lighting at daytime. The semi-circular shape enables you to have broader sights to the outside view. The beautiful lacy curtain attached on the top of the window makes the window more beautiful. The brown color of the curtain is a good combination with the wooden cabinets. The following picture presents smaller kitchen with smaller corner window. The kitchen looks calmer with the turquoise color. The same color is also applied to the curtain that covers a half of the window. The decoration still uses the wood element to its cabinets. However, an improvisation happens to the countertop that uses marble.

Curtain makes your windows look more beautiful. However, you need to make sure that the curtain application does not violate the function of windows themselves. Thus, it is important to mix and match the designs and the windows themselves.

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