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I’m Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey. Join me and a platoon of dedicated professionals for another Military Makeover. Okay boys, I want to hear hammers hammering, saws sawing. Time for us to show our appreciation and give back to those who have sacrificed. This is Designing Spaces: Military Makeover and it starts right now. Who is Robert Keefe? What has he done to serve his country? Why should he get a Military Makeover? Well, just in case you missed our first episode, you’re about to find out.

I grew up in Okeechobee, Florida. Graduated Okeechobee High School in 1996, and went to a couple years of college and then joined the Marine Corps. Before joining the Marine Corp, Robert was working as a produce manager at a local grocery store. I was a cashier, and he worked as a produce manager. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I used every tactic just to talk to her. Finally, she agreed to go on a date with me, and first date, first kiss. Soon after, Robert enlisted and joined the Marine Corp. We averaged 6-10 IED strikes every mission. My truck alone hit five IEDs. The first one destroyed the front end, nobody was hurt. Robert was lucky to escape three more IED attacks, but his luck eventually ran out. The fifth IED strike was the one that injured me. The injuries were serious.

Diagnosis: Vertebrae compression fracture, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The incident did not go unnoticed back home. I actually had a dream and I saw it, and what happened was, I felt it. Wow. I’m alive and I have all my limbs. I feel very very blessed. Now it’s time for us, at Designing Spaces to give back to Robert and his family. With the help of the Gunny, we’ll transform their home and give it a serious upgrade. Your wish is our command. The heavy lifting will begin right after this. . While the construction process is in full swing, the backyard makeover still has a way to go, but new outdoor furniture will certainly add to the aesthetic.

As part of our military makeover, we are setting up the Keefes with some stylish patio furniture. Of course, they get to choose it themselves. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Hopefully, it’s a little more comfortable than what I’m sitting on here. Ahhh… Want to go join them? Once again, this May, Macy’s is kicking off a summer celebration of American icons. A patriotic salute to people, places and things that make America great.

As part of American icons, Macy’s is honoring veterans with an in-store gift bag program to benefit Got Your 6. We’ll learn more about this awesome initiative a little later. This is Ron Trevone, and he’s here to show Robert and Bianca some exciting outdoor options. I’m so excited to be here today at the Macy’s Furniture Gallery. Our back yard has been totally decimated by my dogs, and I’m really looking forward to having them help me select some fine outdoor furniture for my patio. Hello, welcome to Macy’s, how can I help you? Hi, good morning.

Looking for some patio furniture. Great assortment, let’s go look. Alright, thanks. So, this is one of our newer collections. Why don’t you have a seat and see if it’s comfortable for you? So, tell me about your style. Well, we’re thinking about designs, and I’m more of the traditional type, and she’s more of the modern contemporary type. Perfect, perfect choice. Lots of seating, lots of colors. Clean lines, but yet those traditional elements.

As for a chair, why don’t you try the swivel chair? You look like somebody that loves a swivel chair. I love swivel chairs. Swivel chairs give the option to spin around and see the person next to you, opening up the space to have conversations with friends and family. Awesome. I like it. It’s really comfortable. We’re really excited about the different color options and the styles. A lot to choose from. Over here we have one with an azure blue cushion, which is a fun blue, which is more contemporary. Fun blue. I like fun. I’m going to show you some oranges and grays, even though the elements are kind of traditional to contemporary to modern, you can infuse the different colors by adding throw pillows, accents, accessories and all that, so kind of makes your own personal space.

Perfect. Great. He has shown us from contemporary to traditional, which is awesome because I didn’t think traditional could look so good. Let’s go look at a round table. Alright, wonderful. See if you’d be happy with that. Sure. So, here we have a 42 inch round table. So, as Ron was taking us to the last table, I immediately noticed the orange, the bright orange really caught my eye. Of course, I thought of the kids and when they’re running around, they’re not going to run into the corners. You can add more chairs to it. You can get six chairs around here comfortably. You could all have like a great conversation, friends, and family, and really enjoy the quality time together in your new house. This is super comfy. It is. I like it a lot.

I like this. Is this the table the Keefes are going to go with? We’ll find out after the break.Time to check back in with Robert and Bianca. Looks like they’re close to making a decision. I think the set is going to look amazing in our back yard. Just the color is going to go awesome with our house colors and with all our tropical plants that we have. It’s just going to play right into it. Now that Robert and Bianca have chosen their dream furniture, let’s find out what this Got Your 6 program is all about. In the military, “Got Your 6” means “got your back” but here at Macy’s, we got their back. Before you go, Macy’s has an awesome program. It’s called #AmericanSelfie.

So for every selfie we take and post on social media, Macy’s donates a dollar to Got Your 6 program. Wow, awesome. Got Your 6 supports veterans to get back into the workforce after their service, and we here at Macy’s has supported them for over three years, raised over 5 million dollars. Got six. So, you ready for that selfie? Let’s do it. Cool. Give back. Thank you so much. What an honor and privilege to be served with such wonderful people and a great organization such as Macy’s. We feel so blessed. I want to cry for this, so thank you Macy’s. Visit Macys.com to see more selections available at a Macy’s near you. Boys, looking good getting them cabinets up. We’re getting someplace here. Hoorah. Keep up the good work. Now as you can see, the boys just beat up.

They are exhausted. They need to take a break, so see you next time on Military Makeover, Designing Spaces. Don’t make me have to come over to your house and adjust your TV.  For more information about anything you’ve seen n today’s show, or to find out how to be part of the show, log on to DesigningSpaces.tv You can visit these websites to learn more about the participants on this edition of Designing Spaces.

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