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Modern Acrylic End Table Designs to Pair a Sofa or Chair Perfectly

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The end table is a furniture piece often placed beside a sofa or chair. The table is both functional and decorative. You can use it for putting books or a cup of coffee. It’s also able to make the sofa or chair look more interesting. End table can be created from various materials. However, the acrylic end table is one of the most favorite choices among modern people.

The first picture shows a mesmerizing room with gray walls, glass windows, and white floor. White sofa brings great comfort into the room. A unique modern green acrylic end table pairs the sofa. It makes the white sofa look more appealing. The green acrylic end table has round top adorned with a vase of lovely flowers. You can also find a magazine on the table. Meanwhile, a green rug lies on the floor in front of the sofa and table.

The second picture displays a unique acrylic end table. It’s a clear square acrylic end table with the aquarium. The aquarium certainly makes the end table look unique and impressive. There are even water and living fishes in the aquarium. However, this kind of end table won’t be suitable for an animal lover. I personally don’t like this end table, but I need to show it for you. In my opinion, fish should live in nature. Well, let’s just go back to our main topic. A small pot of green plant is put on the square acrylic end table. Glass and soft drink bottle are also put there. Are you interested in this end table?

The third picture also shows a clear square acrylic end table. However, there’s no more aquarium this time! A traditional-style table lamp is put on the furniture. It also has a bottom shelf that’s used to keep a few books. The end table stands elegantly

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