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There are Details of Simple Life, But the Modern Family

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Today we share with Ryan Street & Associates architect and interior designer Elizabeth Stanley the perfect, eternal home of the creation of personal owners owners.

Modern style, can be called a mixture of traditional villages, all the space filled with light, the main color of white reflects making absolutely light space.

Living room with fireplace, comfortable upholstered furniture, antique wooden furniture. To respond to wood bright colors, and white walls. The plan is an open space that will become more air. Wooden beams on the wooden frame on the floor and ceiling mirror and echo. There are some black accents such as window frames and side carpeting and tables, they make the space stand out.

The next area in the dining window, and full of light serve as the chair of an upholstered wooden buffet at the round table. Suraja white level oversized problem sentence, the space looks very traditional.

Elegant and modern kitchen: It has light wooden furniture and white and black marble roof. Cover the space perfectly suited for white hood and roof tile, there is breakfast nook with leather seating.

Decorated with white marble and light color wood: The master bathroom is pure luxury. And it reflects the light so that the bathroom looks bigger and covers the whole wall with the mirror. I also like cool staircases to a cool chandelier inspired by an informant who makes a cool statement.

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