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Modernly Minimalist Room with Cool Pull Down Bed Ideas

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What do you think about a minimalist room? It doesn’t look good and feels narrow? Wait, if you can decorate it well, I think it will become gorgeous and comfortable. Do you need some ideas to decorate a minimalist room? Okay! In this script, I will share you some ideas about cool pull down bed for the modernly minimalist room.

In this design, there is some big slate gray cabinet in a minimalist room. You can put some pretty porcelains and some attractive books in it. Between it, there is a pull-down bed. This pull-down bed has white bedsheet and slate gray legs. If you pull up it, it will look like the big slate gray cabinet. You will also get a white bench in front of it. It looks very amazingly flexible. Then, you can mix and match it with the crimson red beadboard. You also can put a buffalo faux leather with brown color on the white floor. Finally, this decoration idea really makes this minimalist room becomes fabulously modern.

In the other design, there is a minimalist room. It has a wooden floor, white beadboard, and ceiling. You can put a big light gray cabinet in front of the white beadboard. Under it, there is a pull-down bed. It has some color with the big cabinet, light gray color. You can pull up it. Then, you will get a small wooden desk in yellow pale color in front of it. A black swivel can be put in front of the small wooden desk. Next, you also can patch some small lights on the big cabinet right above it. All of these combinations really makes this minimalist room becomes simply futuristic and looks very elegant.

Okay! Those are all ideas which I can share with you. I hope it is useful for you. You can try to choose one of them. Wait! Maybe you can mix them to decorate your minimalist room. Don’t limit your creativity and stay stylish!

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