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Welcome back to Texas Top Homes, where home buying, selling, and financing are all simplified. And just to clarify, you haven’t even swiped your credit card on that Ipad and checked me out? – Absolutely. – And what about delivery or pickup? You guys do both, I know. But I was amazed at how cheap it is to get stuff delivered. – Yeah, so it’s really about, with delivery with us, it’s really about just simply getting it to your house. We don’t choose to make anything from that. We offer an omnichannel service, we call it. Which you can find something online at home, you can order it online, you can come in and pick it up through our state-of-the-art customer pickup on the side of the building. Which our goal is to load you in 10 minutes or less, regardless of what you purchased.

– Wow, that’s great. – Or as well, you can have the product delivered to your home anywhere in the state of Texas, when you come in and it’s really affordable. And a lot of people choose to go delivery because it is so affordable, based on where they live. They can’t believe the price. It’s just unbelievable. – I think if you’re livin’ in the Metroplex, you’ve seen Nebraska Furniture Mart trucks all over.

– Absolutely, there are lots of trucks everywhere, ’cause as you know, we’re also delivering appliances every day, then there are flooring delivery trucks. We’re doin’ TV installation all over town. We do home theater installation. Not to mention, of course, lots of furniture being delivered everywhere here in the state. – [Voiceover] Yeah, and I walked through your home theater section. Unbelievable, the amount of stuff you guys have in there. It’s definitely bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. – [Ed] Yeah, it’s really incredible. With televisions, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s just the best selection possible of televisions, everything from good, better, best model in electronics.

So, you have an option, you can be value conscious. We still guarantee the lowest price on every single thing we sell in the store every day. – I know Nancy was asking about that. – We promise to be cheaper than anybody in town. – How’s that guarantee work exactly? – Well, so anytime you come in to purchase, first of all how I explain our pricing is, we put digital tags on every single thing we sell. And we price all this stuff, we scour the Internet and we scour the market more than once a day.

And we literally change our prices at least twice a day, based on what we see. So, we always wanna make sure that when you come in the store, it’s a guaranteed low price, that you’re not finding it lower anywhere else. And if you do find that in an ad, or at another store in town, we will always beat that hands down. We’ll never be undersold. – So, if you’re lookin’ for furniture, electronics, flooring, I saw you guys have barbecue pits there, you have outdoor furniture, I mean you have everything you would need for a house. I think the only thing I couldn’t find was a lawnmower. – Absolutely. – It’s there. – Yeah, it’s pretty incredible, because you have this mass selection of everything, so why wouldn’t you wanna pick from everything all in one store, instead of traveling around the city? In addition to that, you have a pricing model where you can get the value priced product, all the way up to high end in each one of those categories.

And then you’re guaranteed the lowest price in town, so why wouldn’t you want to drive there. – Exactly. – Super. – And then we also offer a lot of other opportunities while you’re there to be inspired. You’ll see a lot of creative places throughout the store, we call them inspirational showcases, where we’ve done design ideas and literally creative things to inspire you for your house. The kind of creative things you can do decorate it. So, it’s a pretty incredible journey there. – I like it. Hey Ed, what’s the website if folks wanna look you guys up online and see what you’re selling? – The website is www.nfm.com.

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