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Pink Cradle Set Ideas for Cute Baby Girl Nursery Room

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Are you a new parent? Do you have a baby girl? How happy! Every parent must want the best for their beloved baby girl, right? You can do it by giving them a perfect room for them. By following this article, you will get some ideas about pink cradle set for a cute baby girl nursery room.

In this picture, there is a white wooden cradle in a baby girl nursery. This white wooden cradle has so many rose pink laces under it. You can put a white bed with rose pink polka dots in the white wooden cradle. Then, a rose pink bed with white polka dots can be put on it. You also can patch some black ribbons with white polka dots on the white railings of the white wooden cradle. This baby girl nursery really looks sweetly awesome with this cute cradle idea. You also can combine it with the rose pink patterned beadboard. You can hang a small crystal chandelier on the white ceiling. Then, it looks more luxurious and attractive.

For the other picture, you can put a white wrought iron cradle in a baby girl nursery. It has a white color. There are a white bed, a white patterned bed, and a soft pink patterned bed which is put neatly in it. Some small bright pink ribbons are patched on the white railing of the white wrought iron cradle. You also can put a bright pink carpet under it. This pretty cradle idea really makes this girl baby nursery room becomes adorable and girly. After that, it can be integrated with bright pink beadboard and wooden floor in natural color. Finally, it looks perfectly sweetly soft.

Actually, it is not too difficult to design a cute baby girl nursery room with pink cradle set ideas right? Just apply some kinds of pink color like rose pink, soft pink and bright pink to set your baby girl cradle. Then, it can be girly. For getting luxurious or soft looking in your baby girl nursery room, you can try to follow those ideas. Have a nice try!

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