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Pleasant Bedroom in Teal Palette

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A brand new palette of the bedroom could change the atmosphere inside the room. Related to the condition, the teal palette of bedroom appeals pleasant bedroom. This bedroom applies Teal tone to paint the main wall. Black edge line is given to finish the teal wall. White headlights are perched on the teal wall. White light spreads shiny light to the wall. Master bed with wooden headboard is standing in front of the teal wall. Two artistic murals are put above the bed. Two wooden table lamps are placed on the two sides of the bed. White fiber rug is put under the bed. It also covers the black wooden floor. Awesome fan with the gray mill is hung above the bed. White ceiling supports the pleasant feeling which is brought by the teal wall. Glass cabinet is standing in the corner.

Teal color could also be blended with magenta and stripes. This teal bedroom is surrounded with the teal wall. Great pendant lamps with white light make the teal wall look glossy. Some letters like “S” and “E” are scratched artistically to the teal wall. White headboard bed fits with magenta bed stuff. This bed is also touched with zebra motif. To balance this motif, stripe motif curtain is used to cover the window. Brown rug looks smooth in this bedroom floor. A small side table accommodates table lamp with stripes head.

Pleasant bedroom with the teal accent is displayed in the next bedroom. Teal wall is finished with the white motif ceiling. The teal bed is enveloped with the high tent that has teal motif top board. Tree painted on the flipped boards are put in the two corners of this bedroom. Rustic chairs are used to accompany nice study vanity and makeup vanity. Plain flooring looks soft for this full motif bedroom. The wide glass window is covered with the plain brown curtain. Eventually, teal palette could be blended with bright or soft color to create the pleasant bedroom.

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