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How to Make a Headboard for a Bed


Looking to put the boom back in the boom-boom room? Well how about creating a custom headboard that’s guaranteed to put the sizzle back in the sheets. All right so here’s the tools and materials you’re going to need to build your own shaker style headboard. Starting with the tools you need a miter saw. When you’re using a big piece of equipment like this, you want to have your safety goggles around. Some nail guns, a drill or an impact driver, measuring tape, a palm sander and the necessary pads to go with it, of course your nails, and this is interesting, some steel wool.

As far as materials you’re going to need some wood glue, some polyurethane, some wood stain– I’m preferring the darker ebony style for this headboard– some wood fill for those nail holes. And then for the actual wood stock we’re using, we’re going with some oak on this because it’s really nice. It takes stain well and has a good grain. So you’re going to need some one by four trim pieces. And for the bulk of the headboard you’re going to need a nice piece of four by eight oak stock plywood. Now before you do anything, even though you think you know your mattress size, it’s always a good idea to double check and measure it up. In our case it was about 53 inches. So the steps we mention in this video will be scaled just for that. So we’re cutting our plywood about 48 by 56. You’ll need to cover the edges, and to do that you’ll need some solid oak stock at about one by three, and that should do the job. Use some glue and a nailer to attach the stock around the edges with 3/4 inch hanging off. Now attach the oak stock as side pieces to both the play and previous stock.

Congrats, now you have a solid corner. You’ll need another piece of oak stock for the top and bottom of the headboard. Attach it with a nail gun and do the same thing in the middle, but run that one vertically, as opposed to the other two, which are going horizontal. You should have some one by six oak stock as well. Attach that to the top, making the back of the piece flush with the back edge of the headboard, and give it equal overhang on both sides.

Now fill in the nail holes and sand it smooth. Time to add some color. We’re going with a dark ebony. So you want to stain, wipe away the excess, stain again, wipe away the excess, and repeat the process. With that dry it’s time to apply the polyurethane. Once you’ve got your first coat of polyurethane down let it dry. And to give it a good finish hit it with some steel wool and apply one more coat of the polyurethane. When installing the headboard, figure out the height you want and then drill them in from behind. Countersink the screws if you feel like you need to. Well that’s it. The bedroom feels a lot more like home. Well there you go. With a few simple steps you too can have your own shaker style headboard in your bedroom.

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