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How to Build a Small Stage : Assembling the Deck: How to Build a Small Stage



Hi I’m Grady Johnson and I’m the producer of the theater company Strange Company and today I’m representing expertvillage.com. Okay now we got our frame completely build and you see that I laid them side by side and then simply place the tops on them. Now you want to take a hammer and sort of even up these sides a little bit. Once you got that all chewed out then go ahead and put in your screws and I recommend that you use a little bit of this liquid soap and then we are going to go ahead and put in first that first corner screw. Now be sure that that one is square if you get that first one squared the rest should fall into place. The first one is most important one because that is going to center the whole work. Go ahead and pop that in right in your corner. Now, remember that you got about an inch half that you are working with here so just kind of size it up and make sure that you are getting it in there and that you are going to bit into the 2×4.

Now that we got that one done go ahead and go to the other corner. So you are going to go ahead put on a little bit of that soap and here on the other side. That would get it started. Okay now that it started to go ahead and run it on down. Okay, now our first two corners are in placed so the thing to do now is to go ahead and set the other end all the way to the other end and then we fill it in from there. We got that one in now let’s go ahead and do the same thing on the front corner until all four corners are done.

Now it is just a matter of filling in all the rest of the spots on the board. I recommend that you put them up every foot or so all the way down the sides and don’t forget that middle spot. Just start bringing them the side and space them out about a foot apart. They would all go together and usually if you get too frustrated or try to work something too hard. Okay, I went ahead and found the centerpiece here so I’m going to go ahead and pop this into the centerpiece. If I nailed it and I could see that I did the bit in and I got lucky on that. That is the last one so now we have completed the entire deck our complete platform is made for the first one. When you have an 8×8 stage you got enough room to do just about anything and we have already learned the basic unit to do that is which is a 4×8 platform that is already built now we are going to go ahead and put the other one together.

In a minute you are going to have everything that you need to log these together and make your great stage.

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