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A small kitchen feel larger

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The kitchen is the most important place for the family. Today, to consider the priorities of the new homes are designed with families today. Family planning is currently under way is not enough space in the kitchen. He said he was ready for a place to live often, so families can stay in touch, and built-in device, the center of a large island, and Planning Office listed snack bars. Many of the old houses left us with no storage space, and all, and the issues of the kitchen, cooking, serving small and old restaurants, in an attempt to achieve a balance. The good news is, there’s a small kitchen and turned into a viable space for the application of some design skills.

Kitchen fashion reduction, and lack of space, you have a powerful effect with an element of chance to make some bold is permitted. Not to be a problem area, in a move to narrow the size of the kitchen tools. Consider buying a small refrigerator and a small microwave. At the same time all four burners on your stove should be an experience, so only a small stove with two burners to buy. You also have a double sink can be purchased at the same function as the recipient, but will provide you with more space counter. Devices with notes of these changes, you will find more space for the same function.

Kitchenette and a large step to improve is to remove the overhead cabinets. It may be difficult if memory is a problem, but if you reduce the clutter, organize and open shelves instead of cabinets installed in a small space, and will make you feel a little more off now open. Open shelves china, glassware and colorful dishes and other permitted currently.

Bring a small area of ​​space, even when you do not have a kitchen. Floors of mixed materials, countertops, cabinets, consider some bold and choose colors. Your eyes can be back door plates bold and interesting. Bold and unique color options actually a small space look like architectural details interesting that help draws attention.

Possible so that it is inserted into the kitchen and glass and mirror design, and will help to open a small space. Glass cabinet glass door or additional space will open. This feature is not your kitchen, you can create a more open and modern look can consider adding. And tile backsplash in the kitchen mirror image made using a small kitchen, you will feel spacious as well.

Lighting is an important factor in a small kitchen feel more. Light up the cabinets or floor and give the illusion more space. In contrast to the increase of space through light and dark on the instruction of the Cabinet of light, shade and is more comfortable to move to the region.

Remember, even if there are a few good ways to use the space for a large kitchen with new plans for the family do not comment on this. You have a small kitchen, a comfortable place to embrace and try to emphasize the positive.


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