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Stylish Pedestal Sink Designs that Can Save Space in Bathroom

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Compared with countertop sink, I think pedestal sink can save more spaces in a bathroom. Pedestal sink usually has small size; it only consists of two parts: the pedestal and the sink. Some people even consider that the bathroom fixture also looks interesting or stylish. Here are a few examples of the pedestal sink.

In this first picture, you can see the common design of pedestal sink. The bathroom fixture comes in nice white color. It consists of the pedestal and the sink. The sink comes in semicircle shape; it also mounts on a black tiled wall. The white pedestal sink has built-in stainless steel arch faucet with double handle. Since the fixture is small in size, then it certainly will not take up much space in any bathroom.

The second picture presents a beautiful white pedestal sink with two legs. The bathroom fixture, however, cannot stand by itself. Therefore, it also mounts on a wall. It also has lovely two sinks and stainless steel faucets. A small white pot of green plant is put in the sink, giving it a natural touch. Two framed rectangular mirrors are hung vertically on the wall above the pedestal sink. Two wall-mount light fixtures interestingly flank the mirrors.

If you are a person who loves modern design, then take a look at the next picture. It displays two modern white pedestal sinks. The pedestal sinks have captivating round shape. They are also featured with impressive stainless steel arch faucet. A wall-mount ellipse mirror nicely pairs each pedestal sink. Well, I think the modern white round pedestal sinks can also be considered as space saving bathroom fixtures. If you want your bathroom to feel more spacious, you may consider replacing the countertop sink with a pedestal sink. I am sure that the pedestal sink can also make your bathroom look more appealing.

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