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Take a Peek at Our Brilliant, Smart and Attractive Bunk Beds for Your Room

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      We just love bunk beds! Aside from being a brilliant space saver, purchasing these beds are the easiest way to decorate your room. Lately, bunk beds do not only functionalize as a slumber den; they are designed uniquely to work as a desk, wardrobe, and bookshelf also. Who says bunk beds are for kids only? Check out our cool loft bed designs applicable to your home, guaranteed to make you gasp in awe!

            Our first design is a bunk bed made for you, pretty ladies! We’re bringing spring indoors with this beautiful creamy white bedroom. Imagine lulling yourself to sleep while gazing at the clear blue sky… at night! Through an epic technique of airbrushing, this ultra cool sky ceiling is created. The ceiling complements the fresh gray bird-patterned wallpaper topped with a simple base cap molding. The café windowsill with white drapery allows users to prevent sunlight from coming in excessively. Pay attention at this unique bunk bed glued to the wall. The first floor of the bunk bed is an extendable sofa bed while the second floor is the conventional bunk bed, both beds connected by a built-in pull-out cabinet for users to store their nighty night necessities. With a floral print on its mattresses, this veneered Merbau wood bed will steal your heart. Decorate the room with a pot or two of artificial spring flowers, and install a soft pink plastic chandelier to light the room when nighttime comes. Enjoy resting in this pretty bedroom!

            How many banks can a loft bed have? One? Well then, it’s just a normal bed. Two? Yes, two bunks are common to find in loft beds. However, this loft bed is smartly out of the ordinary. Introducing the three bunk loft beds for users in need of more free space! With a bed frame made of only the best Sydney Blue Gum hardwood tinted in beige, this bunk bed will steal the spotlight! This bunk bed is made to live through a smart positioning. Using the small free space under the lowest bunk, an additional pull-out bunk is created for you to use. A diagonal staircase is available for users to come up and down safely. This bunk bed will work well in all room themes. Place this beauty in a neon-colored room and add a simple patterned bedding to maximize its cuteness. So, feeling sleepy much?

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