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Tiles for Your Own Eye-Catching Kitchen Wall

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In order to create a functional and stylish kitchen, there are usually some elements, which have to be prepared well. Those are such as the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen countertop, the color combination of the kitchen, the kitchen wall, and the vital things include refrigerator, microwave, and gas stove. Here, we will talk about the kitchen wall. The idea here is to make an eye-catching kitchen wall by applying tiles. Here we go!

In the very first picture, we can see a white kitchen storage cabinet along with the white wall too. The white color of the kitchen cabinet is coming from the paint which covering it, which is also different with the white color of the wall. The White color of the wall is coming from the tiles it applies. It applies tiles which are made from ceramic material. Then, the wall is consist of plenty of medium ceramic tiles which are arranged and mounted on the wall. The white ceramic tiles give a bright image too for the kitchen. Different with the first picture, the sixth picture has applied the tiles with the different method. It applies much of small ceramic tiles with some different colors. We can see that the wall is consist of some different colors such as the blue one, cream, brown, and dark brown one. The tiles are also coming with different sizes; there are a long one and the shorter ones. It creates a variety of colors and it is eye-catching either.

Switch to the seventh picture. It also has a white kitchen wall just as the first has. Its wall is consist of a big number of small white tiles. The unique thing about this picture is, there are also some of the small brown tiles on the wall. The brown ones are not as much as the white ones. But the combination of white and brown tiles creates a great tone of the kitchen wall.

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