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Wonderful Modern Canopy Bed with Four Posters and Rods

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The canopy bed is a bed that usually has four posters at each its corner. Along fabric or curtain is often used to adorn the posters, giving a beautiful touch to the bed. If you want to create greater beauty in your bedroom, I suggest you replace the existing bed with a canopy bed. Here are modern canopy bed designs that can impress you.

The first picture displays a spacious bedroom with gray walls and floor. A modern gray canopy bed with four posters becomes a centerpiece in the bedroom. Gray rods make the bed have a kind of roof that interestingly connects the four posters. White curtain even covers the upper part of the bed. Meanwhile, long white curtains are hung on each rod of the bed. The long curtains beautifully hang down to the bedroom floor. White and gray bedding set complements the canopy bed.

Let’s move to the second picture. It’s a captivating bedroom with the white-painted brick wall. Modern wooden canopy platform bed makes the beautiful focal point the bedroom. The wooden canopy platform bed also has four posters and rods. However, the furniture is only adorned with one long white curtain. The white curtain is just draped on the bed’s rods; it hangs down to the lower part. Gray bedding set complements the canopy bed and providing very great comfort. There is also a small pillow with leaves images on the bed. A low wooden nightstand is set beside the canopy bed.

A modern canopy bed actually doesn’t have to be added with curtains. If the bed comes with four posters and rods, then it’s already beautiful in itself. However, you still need to complement it with nice bedding set. Thus, the bed can offer beauty as well as comfort. Well, it’s the time for you to choose a modern canopy bed for your own bedroom!

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