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Traditional wooden stove and iris Scandinavian apartment

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Scandinavian style is very beautiful, today’s popular either, simple decor. This apartment is decorated with this style, space is cozy and comfortable so I can not take my eyes!

The living room has a chic casual white wall and floor paint, this is the best decoration under what circumstances. One wall is covered with white tiles, it adds texture decoration. The focus of the room is warm and comfortable rooms, traditional Scandinavian wood stove. Like a striped brown carpet or fabric, the spacing of the fur also improves the comfort of the bedroom.

The kitchen is a spacious room with white cabinet and black counter, and there are 2 dining areas. First of all, it’s in the middle of the table and can be used for cooking. In the second dining area, around the corner, this is the breakfast nook, built-in shelf, and blackboard. Move the warm color and light wood here in the house, to make the most comfortable space.

The master bedroom is spacious and connected to the home office. In the corner of the main office, we have simple white tables, chairs and walls, original slates of galleries and storage spaces. Wood burning stove, wood basket make comfortable and warm room, furnace workers.

All the details in this house are unique, in a given position, which looks like a decorative harmony house.

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