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Airy Space With Modern Design

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 When we talk about modern designs ideas, then we would imagine a room that has a stylish modern decor with a minimalist look, sleek, clean, and tidy. This is one style that is becoming popular and chosen by many homeowners in order to provide a more attractive without any mess at all. The use and amount of furniture that are included in a room is very limited – as far as possible we only include items of furniture that can deliver two values at once functional value and aesthetic value. With a minimal amount, so the room could look more airy and spacious. It should also be supported by the design of the furniture itself. To maximize the appearance of the modern style, select furniture that has a simple design with clean lines and straight. Although present in simple design, yet modern style furniture has artistic value that will help improves the look of a room without the slightest doubt.

In addition to pay attention to the selection of furniture, we also must pay attention to some other decorative items in order to maximize the modern designs ideas in room included storage. Storage area is the most important item in a modern style for a role for storing various items so the room looks more clean and tidy. There are various types of storage options that we can get by considering the function of a room and the needs of each. For the kitchen, we will need the kitchen cabinets. For the bathroom, we would need bathroom cabinets. For the dining room, we will need china cabinets. For the bedroom, we will need a wardrobe, and so on. In the market, we can get a wide selection of designs, materials, sizes, and colors for storage space that we can adjust to the style of decoration is applied to the room in order to produce a beautiful harmony. Then, what kind of material that is commonly used in modern designs ideas? Well, there are several choices of materials for a modern style that we can get from wood, metal (chrome, wrought iron, aluminum, and others), glass, and a combination of several types of materials.

The other thing we need to consider before applying on certain modern designs ideas is the selection of colors in the room. To choose the right color according to the style, then we have to consider the size of the room itself. When we have a small room then apply color on a wall which can blend with furniture and various other decorative items. When we have a large room, then we can present a contrasting color, bold color, or choose a dark color scheme that will work well in the room.

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