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Bring the Village Atmosphere into Your Bedroom by Applying Rustic Bedroom Decoration

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A village is a place which is identical with nature, fresh air, green landscape, and traditional. It is the best place to get your body relaxed. Villages or rustic areas are usually far away from a big city. That is why, sometimes, people who live in big cities are going to the village to take a vacation in a seldom time. But here, we will give you the ideas about how to bring the atmosphere of a village right into your bedroom, by applying such rustic bedroom decorating ideas.

You can see the idea in the fourth picture. Since a rustic bedroom usually uses materials that come from nature, so it does apply wood as the material. The ceiling of the bedroom is consist of big woods which coming from the trees, and they are still kept in their original form. The bed is also made from wood. The flat wood bed is coming more natural by two such ornaments at its edge. Those two ornaments are made from a tree’s root which then carved in an artistic way. All of the furniture within the bedroom are also made from wood, such as the two wood night lamps, a round wood table, and the last one is a traditional wood cupboard. It is so rustic bedroom. The fifth picture has a different idea about creating a rustic bedroom. Since villager usually uses a mosquito net to prevent any unwanted mosquitoes bites, that is why it does apply such too. It applies white netting which has the same color with the white mattress and the white pillows. It successfully creates a rustic yet elegant bedroom, though.

Switch to the next picture, namely the fourth one. The bed that applies it is a woody bed one. It is because the bed is consist of some woods in its original form. The headboard is consisting of at least nine woods. What makes it more woody is that all of the walls are made from the boards too. What a nice rustic yet woody bedroom to sleep in.

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