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Charming and Inspiring Bathroom Furniture Sets

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Bathroom furniture set usually consists of a few pieces that have a harmonious design. It means that the furniture pieces have style and colors that match each other. Thus, they can also create a harmonious look in a bathroom. The bathroom will have a special interesting theme.

It’s a nice bathroom with white walls and blue beadboard. Checkerboard gray and white floor tiles look so attractive in the bathroom. White furniture set decorates the bathroom while giving it lovely touch. The white bathroom furniture set consists of bathtub, washstand, and flush. The white bathtub looks so classy; it even comes with artistic stainless steel legs. Wall mounted round mirror pairs the white washstand. Meanwhile, the white flush uniquely has wall-mount valve box connected by a small stainless steel pipe.

In the second picture, you can see a small bathroom with white wall tiles. However, one wall is adorned with brown tiles. Modern furniture set makes the small bathroom look so cool and awesome. The modern bathroom furniture set includes three main pieces; they are a white bathtub, floating vanity and glossy wooden cabinet. The white bathtub is set in the bathroom corner. The floating vanity has a white top and glossy wooden storage unit. A small rectangular mirror hangs vertically on the wall above the floating bathroom vanity. Two wall-mount light fixtures interestingly flank the mirror. The glossy wooden cabinet is mounted on a corner wall.

Okay, let’s move to the second picture. It’s a white bathroom with black furniture set. The furniture set helps to avoid the bathroom from the stark look. Floating vanity and a wall-mount cabinet is the most appealing pieces of the black bathroom furniture set. A black rug even lies on the bathroom floor. Well, it’s the time for you to choose the best furniture set for your bathroom. Make sure that the bathroom furniture set consists of pieces that have harmonious design and style.

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