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Holmes is unique and does not make any effort to mix, match, eye-catching, and this house can be truly personal. Today the home is one of the areas, which is the center of the modern Dutch home solution.

Travel from Morocco, India, the perfect combination of retro works found lots of truly great art – Amsterdam is the perfect, beautiful house of the artist JasperKrabbé. Technical people are always putting out nothing in the very creative and unique space, and even some, as it seems like a piece of art, the family is no exception.

Shabby chic industrial style, hybrid owner of creativity and sensitive materials. Grunge ‘s touch shabby chic style – the living room is characterized by two pieces in the technical field, these two pieces set style and mood to take each whole wall. Black, sofa, chair, fireplace: vintage furniture inherits imminent. Bold textiles and leather chairs make space look better. The fireplace is the focus: complex in the mirror reaction, black.

Complete dining area with elegant vintage and shabby style. Antique wooden floor and wooden table, the various chairs look cool, it matches the perfect mix. Industrial lamp, an old stove and big mirror make compact area. Partial walls of exhibitors and restaurant owners make artwork more personalized.

Kitchen with shiny black side, natural wood cabinet, industrial lamp and wooden floor. Not only with space and comfortable lighting, home appliances stainless steel make it the more modern kitchen.

It is an oversized artwork in the bedroom also with black stove, bold fabrics, leather chair, owner, entertainment, and comfort.

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