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Fantastic Painting Ideas for Interesting Room Design

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There are a lot of ideas to paint a certain room in your house. You can try a lot of painting ideas to get a beautiful scheme that you want. Various colors could bring various atmosphere too within the room. You also need to think about other stuff, furniture, and decoration so that the wall paint could create an awesome combination with it.

For instance, you can take a look at the purple wall paint in this first picture. You can see that the purple paint match perfectly with the white window on it. The gray sofa set in this room looks so awesome and outstanding. The cream wall paint on the other side accentuates the purple scheme in this living space. Moreover, there is a checkered curtain that looks so beautiful on it.

You can compare it with a green scheme on the other living room. The green wall paint al around the living room wall looks so amazing and also calming. The white furniture set in this living room is accentuating the green scheme of this living room. Thus, the combination of green wall paint and white nuance on it has created a calming yet spacious living room.

For a bedroom, you can have extraordinary wall paint. In this picture, you can see a red wall color that seems so energetic and amazing. To redeem the excess energy that given by the red color, a black bed and curtain are given on it. The dark gray tile flooring also makes this bedroom more comfortable.

Surely, there are still a lot of colors that you can try for your painting ideas. However, you also need to make sure that the furniture and decoration inside the room would fit with it. Thus, you will get a very beautiful interior design within the room.

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