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Fun Bunk Bed Ideas for Active Kids Room

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Kids have a moment when they grow up physically. They love to always move. Don’t try to limit their move. As a wise parent, you should give a fun and right treatment for them. You can do it by decorating their room becomes possible for them to move. So, through this post, I will talk about fun bunk bed ideas for the active kid room.

In this picture, there is a small bunk bed in a kid room. It has yellow papaya whip color. Some incredible toys can be put under it. There is also a small hanger right under it. You can hang a little swing on it. In front of the small bunk bed, there is a small stair. In the right side of it, there is a small climbing board. A small mattress should be put under it. It can keep your kids safety. This small bunk bed idea really looks wonderful and exciting. It also can be integrated into bright salmon orange beadboard and wooden floor. Then, you can patch a big yellow kite with a smile emoticon on the bright salmon orange beadboard. Finally, this kid room really looks fantastically cheerful.

In the other picture, there a kid room. This kid room has red beadboard, two big windows and white wooden floor. You can make it looks perfectly sweet by putting a small bunk bed in it. This small bunk bed has bright white color. It has a small pink tent on the top of it. You can put some cute dolls in it. In the right side of it, there is a small white star. A small white slide can be put on the left side. Under the small bunk bed, there is also a small pink tent with a small crown picture. Some funny toys can be put in two colorful baskets near it. This small bunk bed idea is surely adorable and fabulous.

How nice to decorate an active kid room! You just need to put a small bunk bed with some fun decoration like a little climbing board or a small white slide. Then it just looks like a mini playground for your kid. They will be very happy with it. However, for being a good parent, you should always remember to keep their safety. Okay, see you for the next decoration idea!

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