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Grabbing Inspiration from These Best Kitchen Color Combinations

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For you who look for inspiration to mix and match some colors to the kitchen, here are some inspirations. First kitchen picture shows awesome combination between black, white color and even the beige color. This kitchen applies the beige touch to the whole ceiling which recesses some white integrated lamps. Then black accent appears from the top part of the wall. This black accent shapes great line. White accent is poured to one-third of the wall. Black accent is appealed again as the part of the kitchen island, countertop, and round dining table. After that, white touch comes again to finish the rest of wall. Black tiles are applied as the floor in this kitchen. In the dining area, white wooden chairs are standing around the black table which is lighted by the cage pendant lamp.

The next kitchen shows collaboration between green, black and white accents. It performs fresh kitchen. Its ceiling is touched with white paint. In the middle of this ceiling, big round lamp is inserted. Meanwhile, the wall is touched with green color. On the green wall, white depot kitchen is perched. Small plants on the pot increase the freshness in this kitchen. For black accent, this kitchen is completed with glossy black kitchen island. Then white cabinets come again under the countertop. Those different colors are wrapped in a bright wooden floor.

Further inspiration is shown by the brave color combination. This kitchen is touched with bright red, white and metallic accents. Red is spread into the depot kitchen and the kitchen island. The red depot kitchen is completed with metallic handles. These metallic handles look harmonious with the metallic chimney, chair, and countertop. Meanwhile, the white accent is grabbed in the wall. The floor itself is poured with the semi-white accent. Overall, those kitchen color combination really inspire to dare in combining any colors into a harmonious palette.

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