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Creating a sliding barn door. Hi, this is Craig from Capn America Projects. Today, we are going to show you how to make an awesome sliding barn door using old closet doors and pallet boards. First I’m going to show you how we mounted the top board that we are going to put the track on. So we are getting ready to put the track in. What we are going to do is we need a piece of wood here. it makes it look nicer too than just having it, the spacers go right into the dry wall. So this strip of wood we have about a ten-foot length. For about 20 bucks I bought an entire bunk bed frame that had really good quality wood. Ok, so we got the two boards cut and mounted to the wall. You can see where they meet there.

Make sure that your boards are level. We figured out a good way to do it. There wasn’t a stud in the place where it should have been so we screwed it to the corner. Anytime you have a corner you should have some studs there. So we got those in the corner and we screwed them in at a 45-degree angle. Then we’ve got some pretty good outdoor strong screws. They are 3 and 1/2 inches long to make sure they get through the drywall and into the studs. Next, I will show you how we mounted the track to our board and how we made the holes for the spacers.

We are laying out the metal beam here. We are going to first do a punch to put where we are going to make our holes and then we are going to use the drill press. First, you mark it then you do the punch. Starting with the 5/16 bit for the pilot hole then we will switch over to the 3/8″. So we have this nice drill press to make our holes. Got it clamped down, that’s a little grease or something. Just a little oil. Here we go. Swapping the bit to larger bit. Finish off those holes. We started putting our metal bar up. What we did is we drilled our first hole then we put in one screw in loosely just to hold it, before we pour the spacer in.

This step I forgot to tape. Before we put the spacer in we put one screw loosely in the hole and you don’t want to put the spacer in at first because you want this flush with the board so you can mark your other holes. So we put that one in that we used a pen in each hole to mark on our wood where we are going to put em. So the metal was flush on the board while we did that. We marked all our holes and then you can see there is the last hole but we may not need that. It may be for the spacer. Anyways so now we loosely put in all our bolts. They are barely in, just hand tightened most of them just to kind of make sure it all lines up and everything. I tightened each bolt until I heard it, the spacer kind of digging into the wood.

As soon as I heard it digging I stopped. I figure that is good and tight. So here is what it looks like down the track. Here we go. Feels pretty strong. Next, we will show you how we used the base of a Noah’s Ark closet door to make the base for our entire door and I’m going to show you how we built an outer frame and then how we filled it in with pallet board. A set of closets with animals all over it. I bought it from Sandy who always has the coolest used stuff. Tell me about this door Sandy. Well, actually it is a Noah’s, Ark. It came from Woodburn auction house. It was a score and a great find and I love it and I’m glad you love it too. Awesome! Here are our closet doors, the back of them. As you can see on the front we have the beautiful Noah’s Ark because on the back of them we will make a barn door on this side and have Noah’s ark on the other side. So next we are going to disassemble these and then re-put them together as one solid piece.

To keep it from splitting your wood, you need a countersink bit. I didn’t have one but I had a glass cutter that is similar. So what that does is it just widens the mouth of the hole so then when your screw head goes in it doesn’t split the wood. So as you can see the ones where I did that are nice and clean with no splits. The reason you want to set the when you are framing it… So this is the top of the door here. You want the top to go end to end and then the side frames below. The reason you want to do that is because it is going to create a stronger grip where you put your wheel on (if you have this type of wheel).

Of course, some wheels attach to the top of the door. As you can see as I put the wheel on, this way I can get a screw into each of the boards. That is going to be stronger than if they were both on the same board. The next thing we did is we put a two by four on the floor. You want to get just a little bit of lift off the floor because you don’t want your door dragging on the floor. You need it to hover a couple of inches off. So we used a little 2 x 4 there. We set the door on that in place and then what I did is I went ahead and put the wheel on the track then I took a pencil with the wheel on the track the door was right here. It came up, the door came just about an inch below the track or so. I took my pencil and I marked on the door where the two holes will be so here is where I marked them.

You can see the little circle here and here. That is where my holes were. I went ahead and drilled out the first one. These are already drilled out. If I did a good job, you should, if I did a good job these should line up. It looks like they line up good right where my holes are. Next, I’m going to go ahead and put my bolts through. They are a little tight but they will go in. I will just go ahead and screw them through or I could tap them through with a hammer if I wanted. What I did next is I have cut out a whole bunch of pallet boards here. I just kind of tossed them on here. What I am going to do is I picked out a few that have real nice patterns. These I’m going to cut.

They will be the full length of the door then I got a bunch of others here that I am probably going to cut pieces off. So the pieces will meet. It is going to be a few full length across than some will be two or three pieces across. Here it is, the last piece! Let’s flip that around. There we go. Ok, let’s have a look. Here you have it! Beautiful! So anyway there you have the full door now I’m going to go ahead and glue these on. Right now these are just loosely sitting here. You want to do that first. You don’t want to glue anything down until you are ready. So if you look, they are all just sitting here. So I got a pretty goof fit. There are cracks here and there but that is ok because that is what makes this look beautiful and rustic.

Here we go. Time for gluing. The next, one of the last steps I’m going to do is… This is the bottom of the door here and when you buy these sets they will usually come with a guide that you attach to the floor. What you do with the guide is… Since the door is only attached at the top it can swing. It can kind of rock. So the guide is to ensure that this stays in place. I’m going to make a space down here basically by putting a board on either side so there is like a track so that the guide will be in between them and that will keep the door from rocking. Ok now that is finished so you can see here that we have got a nice groove down here. Finally, this is how we lined it up on the track. Head back in that direction.

Is mine in? Yours is in? Whooooo! Awesome! As you can see, this is a beautiful addition to the house no matter which room you are coming from. Thanks so much fro watching! Now check out our special guest appearance on our buddy Oregon Cyclists channel. Revelation Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

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