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Modern Kitchen with Cozy kitchen Stool by Adding Back

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The influence of modernity can be felt in the development of the interior home design. Many ideas of home designs are affected by the virus called modernity. For me, it is not a problem if it still offers positive effect for people. We will talk more about modern interior home design, especially about the modern kitchen. One of the signs of modernity in the kitchen is the existence of modern stool with back.

Please look at my first picture. This modern kitchen applies good white kitchen cabinet. It equipped with some lockers and drawers as storage idea. Grey concrete countertop exists to complete the kitchen cabinet. Several modern kitchen appliances like oven, refrigerator and other else also supported the kitchen. There is a kitchen island with some seating units. It presents in nice stool with backs. It can offer cozy nuance for you.

In the second picture, elegance holds a great influence. The great color combination for the furniture unit is very great. The kitchen cabinet uses white tone for the concrete countertop to be combined with great white tile as the kitchen backsplash. We can see a classic kitchen island in front of the cabinet that has nice wooden drawers. The modern stools with back apply stunning red tone for the upholstery. Two antique pendant lamps are set right above the kitchen island. Wooden flooring idea strengthens the classic image for the kitchen. We can also find a small sconce attached on the wall.

Now we come to the third picture. As we can see, this third picture depicts a simple kitchen interior idea. The kitchen cabinet is in gray tone and combined with nice light blue tone. There is a small mini bar with a brown concrete countertop in front of the kitchen cabinet. Two white stools with backs are set near the mini kitchen bar.

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