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Nice kid Room by Using White Theme Application

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Parents should give the best thing for their children. To do that thing can be through many ways. If you want to get a simple but great way, I have some for you. Building a good room for our children is always a good idea. It can give comfortable room for them. To get such room for our kid is quite hard. I will suggest you make kid room by applying the white theme. It will give the positive image for it.
Let us look at picture number one. The white theme is used for the furniture unit. It presents with good white bedding set and white with headboard, small white bedside table, bedroom vanity, and sideboard with drawers. The window treatment or curtains also use white tone. It creates a great harmony with the light blue wall. Wooden floor gives a different image for the room.
The next picture, we can see, is a boy room. White theme is great which get more than 90% in percentage. The furniture unit, flooring idea, and plasterboard are in white tone. You can see smart bedding set in this room. It equipped with small study desk with a computer monitor on it. The study desk is set under the bed set on the upper side. In both left and right side, there is a small sideboard and cupboard which are in white tone. Several boy toys like plane and car will make them happy.
Picture number three is about beautiful girl room. Pink and white tone are dominantly used for the color combination. Pink tone is can be seen in the bedding set, bedside table, study desk, and the smart shelving idea. Of course, it builds very strong girl image for the room. You can see a nice white fur rug under the bedding set.

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