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Royal Victorian Style Living Room Ideas

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Choosing designs for your living room seems to be a challenging matter for most people. Many people have their own criteria to define what they think the best living room design. As people know, a living room functions to greet and please your guests. Sometimes, the owner wants to show their prestige through the living room designs. It is one of the factors that makes choosing living room designs is a matter. Besides, a good living room design must be comfortable and provide enough space to the inhabitants. Among many living room designs, Victorian style living room may be the best choice. It is one of the best living room designs for ages. Here are some inspiring Victorian style living room designs.

The opening picture presents a quite minimalist Victorian style living room. Even though Victorian style comes from classic designs, it still opens many possibilities to combine it with modern design perspective such as minimalist style. As you can see, the living room is quite small by using a set of sofa consists of a three-seated sofa, a two-seater sofa, and a table located in the center of the living room. It is a bit different from the original royal Victorian style since the original one most of the time use the large room with many glass applications. The living room also simply puts some decorative ornaments such as rugs, paintings, and a table lamp. The color in this room is dominated by the earth color such as brown for the sofa, gray for the floor, and light brown for the wall. The following picture shows more identical Victorian styles. When you enter the room, you will easily see a pair of large windows with the semi-circular top. Besides, a crystal ceiling lamp also looks so iconic above a beautiful set of sofa.

Victorian style decoration is indeed famous for ages. The reason why people like it is that it comes from the royal decoration. The decoration is distinguished from other designs from the wide use of glass materials such as for the large window and ceiling lamp. Glass material is chosen for it represents royal values.

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