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Walk In Bathtub And Shower Combo

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My first article I wrote on this blog first, there was a bath and walk-in shower combination for Tesco. They received the bath of the benefit, the shower was the most luxurious model of style. Other players in the market, the twin line is carried out in the Austrian company Artweger with bath and shower combo.

Twin Line Commons
Twin line, there is a standard double-double line 2, a twin of the line of Whirlpool There are three types of styles. All rooms there is a bath of the same basic style, it comes with a side of the glass enclosed shower. Through the glass door of the side of the bath, you will be able to see the inside of the water level. Moreover, given the lower limit of taking a bath. But built-skin, like a sheet run-in, it is not. Skin thickness of the options of the two large shelves and attachments, it is not specially designed for access. It can be placed in any of the shower chair twins lines.

The first of the twins
Standard twin line on the edge of the bath, a spacious place. A small discount for taking at any time a shower. Glass wall sold, on the one hand, a large curved glass door at hand.

Slim Twin
The second rule twins are the same as the standard, but it is a slim size. At the end of the bath in the tub directly opposite side, is very large. More sophisticated, more people prefer the look in a small bathroom is a better option

soothing Twin
Finally, Whirlpool has two lines twins line model whirlpool standard feature to say. Cool sense of the need and the muscles, nerves and joint pain of the vortex options. In this model, 12 air jets, 6 massage jets, 4 micro-jet shower, water is the light spot.

Tesco model, bath and high twin line in the shower combination, combining style and functionality. Not a part of the attractive options

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